Joseph and Natalie Nava’s Wedding | Magnolia Bells

Joseph and Natalie Nava’s Wedding | Magnolia Bells

Wedding Photography is a great creative outlet for Eric and I, but I feel like it goes well beyond that. Last night we had the newly weds Joseph and Natalie over to give them their images, select their album cover and prints. We usually start the night with a glass of champagne and a little slideshow of our favorite images. Their reaction is what we truly aim for, They held hands, looked at each other, cried, and thanked us! Joseph’s words reassured us that we are in the right business- capturing memories for our couples… He was moved and very grateful and in his own words “he will cherish these moments forever.” To him the wedding day was a blur, he could not remember in detail how everything looked or really much of it at all. Trust me this is very typical of a wedding day. It is hard to remember it all because you are enjoying each other, your guests and everything around you. So, having an experienced photographer by your side is a MUST. I just can’t get over his beautiful words for us and for his gorgeous wife…I kind of wish I had a go-pro attached to my forehead. Afterwards, we enjoyed each other’s company and talked about cars and other things. You know, I LOVE THIS, because we truly connect with our couples at a deeper lever, we are honored to be a part of their new beginning and to have them over and have some wine, snacks or whatever they enjoy. I am blessed to have a job that allows me to be a part of such and exciting time in people’s lives. Plus every detail of their wedding day was simply gorgeous!  Joseph an Natalie are such a power couple, they are out to conquer the world and I have no doubt in my mind that they will soon do just so. Thank you again for trusting us with your big day, and allowing us to photograph your wedding. We are thrilled with the images and know that so are you!

wedding at Magnolia Bells purple and gold tonesdiamond ring and wedding band

Magnolia Bells Wedding2 Magnolia Bells Wedding3 Magnolia Bells Wedding4 Magnolia Bells Wedding5 Magnolia Bells Wedding6 Magnolia Bells Wedding7 Magnolia Bells Wedding8 Magnolia Bells Wedding9 Magnolia Bells Wedding10 Magnolia Bells Wedding11 Magnolia Bells Wedding12 Magnolia Bells Wedding13 Magnolia Bells Wedding14 Magnolia Bells Wedding15 Magnolia Bells Wedding16 Magnolia Bells Wedding17 Magnolia Bells Wedding18 Magnolia Bells Wedding19

Bridal Portrait on the swing

Groom's portrait

Magnolia Bells Wedding20 Bridal portrait by the window beautiful soft lightMagnolia Bells Wedding21flower girl looking out the window beautiful soft light Magnolia Bells Wedding22 Magnolia Bells Wedding23 Magnolia Bells Wedding24 Magnolia Bells Wedding25 Magnolia Bells Wedding26 Magnolia Bells Wedding27 Magnolia Bells Wedding28 Bride and groom first kissMagnolia Bells Wedding29 Magnolia Bells Wedding30 bride and groom portraits in the woods at magnolia bells venue Magnolia Bells-Wedding10 Magnolia Bells Wedding31 Magnolia Bells Wedding32 groom and bridesmaids fun portraitMagnolia Bells Wedding33 Magnolia Bells Wedding34 Magnolia Bells Wedding35 Magnolia Bells Wedding36 Magnolia Bells Wedding37 Magnolia Bells Wedding38 Magnolia Bells Wedding39 Magnolia Bells Wedding40 Magnolia Bells Wedding41 Magnolia Bells Wedding42 Magnolia Bells Wedding43 Magnolia Bells-Wedding2 Magnolia Bells-Wedding12Newly weds exit with rose petals

DJ + Photobooth: JS Entertainment

Wedding Coordinator: Mia Jones from Magnolia Marie Weddings

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