Josh and Leigh Ann’s Wedding and Rehearsal Dinner | Treebeards | Second Baptist | Julia Ideson Library

Josh and Leigh Ann’s Wedding and Rehearsal Dinner | Treebeards | Second Baptist | Julia Ideson Library

Eric and I had the honor of photographing Josh and Leigh Anns’ rehearsal dinner and their wedding. The Rehearsal dinner took place at Treebeards on Market Square. The night was filled with hugs, laughter and lots of smiles, plus you can never go wrong with bread pudding!!! It was a beautiful beginning to the wedding celebrations! Josh and Leigh Ann tied the knot on June 17, 2017. The girl’s got ready at Facade and the boys got ready at the newly wed’s new place. Their ceremony took place at Second Baptist and the reception was at the Julia Ideson Library which by the way is one of the coolest venues ever. So full of character and charm, so fitting for this lovely couple. Leigh Ann was all smiles throughout the day. The groom and groom’s men had a blast. Josh had prepared a special note and a shot with each of his groomsmen. The couple’s first dance was Stand by Me and they had the coolest choreograph to it. The band killed it! They were a hit! After the wedding we had the newly weds back at our place and had the amazing opportunity to get to know them a little better we had a blast chatting and sharing about each other’s family and and heritage which by the way Josh’s heritage is amazing…I see a movie about his couple coming soon, kind of like The Count of Monte Cristo, LOL… Anyways I am rambling now. I am super excited to be sharing this beautiful wedding with you and in case you missed Leigh Ann’s gorgeous bridal portraits please feel free to check them out here.

Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner2 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner3 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner4 Market_Square_Houston2Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner5 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner6 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner7 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner8 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner9 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner10 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner11 Threebeard_Rehearsal_dinner12Market_Square_HoustonJulia_Ideson_wedding Julia_Ideson_wedding2 Julia_Ideson_wedding3 Julia_Ideson_wedding4 Julia_Ideson_wedding5 Julia_Ideson_wedding6 Julia_Ideson_wedding7 Julia_Ideson_wedding8 Julia_Ideson_wedding9 Julia_Ideson_wedding10 Julia_Ideson_wedding11 Julia_Ideson_wedding12 Julia_Ideson_wedding13 Julia_Ideson_wedding14 Julia_Ideson_LibraryJulia_Ideson_wedding15 Julia_Ideson_wedding16 Julia_Ideson_wedding17 Julia_Ideson_wedding18 Julia_Ideson_wedding19 Julia_Ideson_wedding20 Julia_Ideson_wedding21 Julia_Ideson_Library2 Julia_Ideson_Library3Julia_Ideson_wedding22 Julia_Ideson_wedding23 Julia_Ideson_wedding24 Julia_Ideson_wedding25 Julia_Ideson_wedding26 string quartet plays at ceremonyJulia_Ideson_Library4 Julia_Ideson_Library5Julia_Ideson_wedding27 Julia_Ideson_wedding28 Julia_Ideson_wedding29 Bride and groom walking down the aisleJulia_Ideson_wedding30 Julia_Ideson_wedding31 Julia_Ideson_Library7 Julia_Ideson_Library8 Julia_Ideson_Library9 Julia_Ideson_Library10Julia_Ideson_wedding32 Julia_Ideson_wedding33 Julia_Ideson_wedding34 Julia_Ideson_Library11 Julia_Ideson_Library12Julia_Ideson_wedding35 Julia_Ideson_Library13Julia_Ideson_wedding36 Bride and Groom dancing Julia_Ideson_wedding37 Julia_Ideson_wedding38 Julia_Ideson_wedding39 Bride and Groom toast at Julia Ideson LibraryJulia_Ideson_wedding40 Julia_Ideson_wedding41 Julia_Ideson_wedding42 Julia_Ideson_wedding43 Julia_Ideson_wedding44 Julia_Ideson_wedding45 Julia_Ideson_wedding46 Julia_Ideson_Library16Julia_Ideson_wedding47 Julia_Ideson_Library17Julia_Ideson_wedding48 Bride and Groom have a sparkler exit and the Julia Ideson LibraryJulia_Ideson_Library20Julia_Ideson_wedding49Julia_Ideson_Library21


Band: Fried Icecream

Flowers: The Senterpice 

Cake: Susie’s Cakes and Confections

Videographer: MD Turner

Cater + Bartender: Cafe Natalie

Wedding Planner: From This Moment On

Valet Parking: Sovereign Services

Get Away Car: Monarch British Limos

Rehearsal: Treebeards on Market Square

Reception: Julia Ideson Building

Ceremony: Second Baptist

Stings: Dreams Come True

Stationary: Embossed Graphic’s of Texas

Dress: Casa De Novia 

Ring: Tenenbaum Jewelers

Shoes: Rene Caovilla





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